Keep Calm and Bouley On

(Note: all credit for the title of this post goes to David, because I couldn’t think of anything clever.)

The first time I went to Bouley, almost three years ago, it was one of the best meals I had ever had. Even to this day, I consider it one of my top meals in NYC. After recently finding out that Chef David Bouley is planning to go on sabbatical and reopen the restaurant in a much smaller space (cue the gasp of horror), I immediately made a reservation to have lunch there one more time with David, my trusty dining buddy.

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Dessert for Days at Dominique Ansel’s U.P.

People say you always have a second stomach for dessert, but when it comes to Dominique Ansel’s U.P. tasting menu, you’ll need about four extra stomachs.

This 8-course dessert tasting first debuted this past summer at Dominique Ansel Kitchen, Dominique Ansel’s new made-to-order bakery in the West Village. U.P. stands for Unlimited Possibilities, and is described by Dominique Ansel’s team as their passion project. Tickets are released at 12pm on the dot every Monday for six seatings, eight people each, seven weeks out. Apparently when U.P. first debuted there were about 1,200-1,300 people trying to get tickets every Monday! Now that number is somewhere closer to 700-800. I somehow got incredibly lucky and, after refreshing the page for 15 minutes straight (…it was a slow day at work), managed to get a pair of tickets for a Sunday night slot.

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O Ya: Not Your Average Sushi

O Ya is one of those “hot” restaurants in NYC right now, and they have good reason to be. Their original restaurant is in Boston, and they recently opened up a NYC location just a few months ago, bringing their unorthodox Japanese omakase menus with them. Despite the popularity and well-received reviews, it wasn’t hard for me and David to get a reservation about three weeks out – you can either book on OpenTable, or if you want a seat at the counter (which I recommend), you can call the restaurant directly.

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