Box Kite: Coffee Shop by Day, Tasting Menu by Night

Hidden in the East Village is a dinner tasting menu served where you’d least expect it: in a coffee shop. Box Kite, which started as a pop-up and opened its permanent location late last year, operates as a fairly standard coffee shop during the day, and at night transforms into a cozy little restaurant serving up an eleven course menu.

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Traif: Eclectic at Its Best

Most people who know me know that I usually do my due diligence before trying restaurants, looking up reviews and menus and planning way ahead to make reservations. Traif somehow ended up being an exception to this – I’d always noticed it listed on Yelp’s Best of Brooklyn feature, so one day on a whim I randomly asked MK if he wanted to try it with me. We ended up getting a reservation for a Sunday night (surprisingly easy to book only a few days before), and when we arrived, I went in not really knowing what to expect.

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Back in Philly: A Trip to Talula’s Daily

I’m a big fan of Aimee Olexy’s family of Talula’s restaurants – I’ve been to Talula’s Garden at least five times (including my 21st birthday and graduation brunch), and I even had the fortune of going to the very-hard-to-get-reservations-for Talula’s Table last year (thank you, Singaporean friends!) So when I heard that her latest venture, Talula’s Daily, was opening last summer I was like, “OMG. MUST GO.” Which I eventually did, dragging Jane and Saahil along during a trip back to Philly a few weeks ago.

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