Keep Calm and Bouley On

(Note: all credit for the title of this post goes to David, because I couldn’t think of anything clever.)

The first time I went to Bouley, almost three years ago, it was one of the best meals I had ever had. Even to this day, I consider it one of my top meals in NYC. After recently finding outΒ that Chef David Bouley is planning to go on sabbaticalΒ and reopen the restaurant in a much smaller space (cue the gasp of horror), I immediately made a reservation to have lunch there one more time with David,Β my trusty dining buddy.

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Back to Blogging! Featuring Lunch at Bouley

Before coming here, I told myself that if Bouley was amazing enough to be worth writing about, then I’d start blogging again. I had stumbled upon their five-course lunch menuΒ while looking for a nice splurge-y place to celebrate my new job, and knew I had to try it. So two cancelled reservations (due to delayed renovations 😦 ) and one month later, David, my trusty food buddy, and I finally made it to lunch here, and it was every bit as wonderful as I’d expected.

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