Dessert for Days at Dominique Ansel’s U.P.

People say you always have a second stomach for dessert, but when it comes to Dominique Ansel’s U.P. tasting menu, you’ll need about four extra stomachs.

This 8-course dessert tasting first debuted this past summer at Dominique Ansel Kitchen, Dominique Ansel’s new made-to-order bakery in the West Village. U.P. stands for Unlimited Possibilities, and is described by Dominique Ansel’s team as their passion project. Tickets are released at 12pm on the dot every Monday for six seatings, eight people each, seven weeks out. Apparently when U.P. first debuted there were about 1,200-1,300 people trying to get tickets every Monday! Now that number is somewhere closer to 700-800. I somehow got incredibly lucky and, after refreshing the page for 15 minutes straight (…it was a slow day at work), managed to get a pair of tickets for a Sunday night slot.

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Tiny Pinecone: A Pop-Up Tea and Pastry Shop

One of the things I love most about New York City is randomly finding new places just by walking around. Tiny Pinecone was one such serendipitous discovery in the West Village. It sits in the space formerly known as Matsunosuke, a Japanese pie shop that I had actually wanted to try, but never got a chance to before the owner closed up shop and moved back to Japan. Then while walking one day I passed by Matsunosuke’s old signage and discovered that the interior was now Tiny Pinecone, a pop-up shop (only there until February 21!!) From what I could tell by looking in the window and some quick googling afterwards, it totally looked like my kind of place. Dessert and tea in an adorably decked out cafe? Sign me up!

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Weekend in Williamsburg: Choux and Sunsets

There are few shops in New York City that specialize in cream puffs and meringues, and even fewer that have as wide a range of flavors as Caprices by Sophie.

Most people who know me know that I’m a total dessert fiend, so when I first came across them on Yelp, I was instantly intrigued by their menu specializing in “Magic Choux” and “Merveilleux.” They’re located in Williamsburg, where Jane conveniently had some Christmas shopping to do last Saturday, so we decided to make a day of it and also try this place out. As we walked into the shop, I immediately fell in love with the sunny, whimsical interior. There is ample seating along one wall, complete with pillows for added coziness. On the other side, all of the pastries are displayed in neat little rows, their pops of color lending to the colorfulness of the decor.

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