Keep Calm and Bouley On

(Note: all credit for the title of this post goes to David, because I couldn’t think of anything clever.)

The first time I went to Bouley, almost three years ago, it was one of the best meals I had ever had. Even to this day, I consider it one of my top meals in NYC. After recently finding out that Chef David Bouley is planning to go on sabbatical and reopen the restaurant in a much smaller space (cue the gasp of horror), I immediately made a reservation to have lunch there one more time with David, my trusty dining buddy.


The restaurant was exactly as I had remembered it – opulent decor, plush and velvety furniture, the epitome of luxury. We were even seated in the Red Room again, the downstairs dining area that resembles a French chateau.


The lounge

IMG_6637 copy

The Red Room

We of course ordered their five-course lunch tasting menu, which has increased in price from $55 to $59, but is still very much fantastic value.

Our meal started off with a complimentary apple raisin slice and little baguette. I was also in the mood to try a drink so I ordered the Virgin Danube, a refreshing elderflower drink.

IMG_6635 copy

Virgin Danube drink and complimentary bread

We were served several amuse-bouches: tomato coulis, pâte à choux with Comté cheese, and a kuzu chip with black truffle.

IMG_6638 copy

Tomato coulis

IMG_6639 copy

Pâte à choux with Comté cheese, kuzu chip with black truffle

Then, the famous bread cart! The server offered us about ten different types of fresh bread baked with ingredients ranging from saffron walnut, to cherries, to black currant anise. We each got two slices to munch on while waiting for the rest of our food to come out.

IMG_6640 copy

For my first course, I chose the Hawaiian Hiramasa and Nantucket Blue Fin. The fish was served sashimi style.

IMG_6643 copy

Hawaiian Hiramasa and Nantucket Blue Fin

IMG_6642 copy

David’s order: Carrot and Fresh Organic Turmeric Soup

Our second course was the Porcini Flan, which is 75% of the reason why I love Bouley so much. This dish is the absolute bomb – warm, flavorful mushroom puree over fluffy flan, laden with generous chunks of crab meat. I could easily eat four bowls of this as a meal.

IMG_6644 copy

Porcini Flan

My third course was the Organic Young White Fallow Venison. The meat was very tender and came served with a medley of purees on the side, including an interesting spiced banana one.

IMG_6645 copy

Organic Young White Fallow Venison

IMG_6646 copy

David’s order: Slow Braised Kobe Style Beef Cheeks

The fourth course was a light dessert course, meant to cleanse our palates. I went with the Cranberry-Hibsicus, which was a scoop of berry sorbet atop a hibiscus granita. It was pretty tart so I wasn’t a huge fan of this one. David’s coconut soup with pineapple, on the other hand, was amazing (think pina colada in fancy dessert form).

IMG_6647 copy


The fifth and final course was another dessert. I chose the Frivolous of Chocolate Valhrona (whose name I do not understand at all… is it a noun? Adjective? Something in French??) It was a very rich chocolate soufflé served with coffee gelato on the side. Another fantastic dish.

IMG_6649 copy

Frivolous of Chocolate Valhrona

David ordered the Vacherin D’été, whose description said “salad of raspberries” but did not look like a salad at all, much to our surprise. David spent the entire time trying to decide if he liked the basil ice cream on top.

IMG_6648 copy

Vacherin D’été

Our server also brought us a plate of baba au rhum, a small cake that he topped with apricot glaze, vanilla cream and some very strong rum. The rum was so strong I took one bite and had to pass on the rest, much to my sadness.

IMG_6650 copy

Baba au Rhum

The meal ended a small plate of petits fours, including a leaf-shaped matcha chocolate that I totally thought was a real leaf until I looked closer.

IMG_6652 copy

Petits Fours

Of course, I had to get some pictures with their beautiful apple-filled foyer on my way out (last chance before they relocate to a different building!!)

IMG_6655 copy

IMG_6668 copy

Conclusion: DEFINITELY have yourself a fancy meal at Bouley before they close at the end of 2016. Their lunch tasting menu is worth every penny.


163 Duane St
New York, NY 10013


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