Back in Philly: A Trip to Talula’s Daily

I’m a big fan of Aimee Olexy’s family of Talula’s restaurants – I’ve been to Talula’s Garden at least five times (including my 21st birthday and graduation brunch), and I even had the fortune of going to the very-hard-to-get-reservations-for Talula’s Table last year (thank you, Singaporean friends!) So when I heard that her latest venture, Talula’s Daily, was opening last summer I was like, “OMG. MUST GO.” Which I eventually did, dragging Jane and Saahil along during a trip back to Philly a few weeks ago.

Talula’s Daily is a cafe/market by day and supper club by night. Being a small-ish shop with only about 20 seats, we unfortunately couldn’t get dinner reservations so we went for Sunday lunch instead. It’s divided into two sections: the bakery & breakfast side, which you see when you first walk in, and the cafe & market side.

IMG_8402 copy

The bakery

IMG_8390 copy

The cafe

I’ll admit I felt a twinge of disappointment when I first wandered into the cafe side and only saw a fridge filled with prepackaged sandwiches and salads, like the kind they have in ABP. But then I turned around and saw this display of non-packaged food—

IMG_8401 copy

—plus a whole lot of cheese for sale.

IMG_8398 copy

IMG_8399 copy

If only I didn’t hate goat cheese…

IMG_8400 copy

The best sign in the entire market!

I decided to get the mushroom risotto, which was presumably made with Kennett Square mushrooms. The food in the display case is priced per pound, and you can get it either in containers to go or heated up to eat at a table. A scoop and a half(ish) of the mushroom risotto cost about $6. A bit expensive, and it could’ve been a little creamier, but it was still pretty delicious. (I’m a sucker for mushroom flavored things…)

IMG_8391 copy

Mushroom risotto

I also tried a bit of Jane’s sweet potato and apple soup (not pictured), which was fairly thick and tasted more like applesauce than sweet potato. Saahil got the chicken with maple and mustard glaze ($9), which was also pretty good – sweet, and surprisingly tender.

IMG_8392 copy

Chicken with maple and mustard glaze, plus mac and cheese in the background

After checking out the cafe side, we wandered back over to the bakery side to see what else they had. I was still hungry so I ended up getting the broccoli, onion, and cheddar frittata ($4.50). For almost the same price as my risotto, it was massive! In fact, so big I couldn’t even finish it.

IMG_8393 copy

Broccoli, onion, and cheddar frittata

In addition to frittatas and breakfast sandwiches, the bakery also has brownies, cookies, scones, and other pastries. The zucchini bread looked really good, but after that ginormous frittata I was way too full to try it.

IMG_8405 copy

IMG_8406 copy

PRO TIP: If you check in on your Yelp app, you can get a free cookie! Saahil installed the app just for the cookie and he said it was totally worth it. I chose the mudslide cookie, which was incredibly chocolatey and rich, almost like a brownie. Other flavors they had that day were chocolate chip, sugar, and peanut butter.

IMG_8395 copy

Mudslide cookie

IMG_8397 copy

Mudslide cookie

Bottom line: I still like Talula’s Garden more for the sit-down aspect and the ambiance, but Talula’s Daily is a quaint, homey option for a quick breakfast or lunch. If I had the chance, I’d definitely come back to try their supper club menu.


Talula’s Daily
208 West Washington Square
Philadelphia, PA 19106


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